We combine our love for thorough attention to detail with our understanding of cultural context to create one-of-a-kind solutions that are pieces of art.
HIGHLY PERSONAL CONNECTION We work one-on-one with you to build a collaborative relationship toward perfecting your project. Relationship and communication form the heart of our work.
TIRELESS CURIOSITY AND HUMILITY We are constantly ready to learn something new. As the world changes more rapidly than ever, we are thirstily building our skill sets, expanding our networks, and exploring new artistic possibilities. We are excited to take on jobs that will push us into new territory.
ETHIC We strive to uphold our responsibility to our planet and look to continuously reduce our impact on the Earth, whether by unplugging the computer at night, using electronic media instead of paperwork, or promoting partnerships with environmentally astute organizations. We also donate a percentage of our profits every month to humanist organizations, helping to look after the basic needs that so many of our brothers and sisters still find unmet.
FOUNDER BIO Founder Adam Agee began his career with a degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2003, honored with the Marc Harrison Award for Excellence in Design and Invention. Working freelance since graduating, he has been called upon to perform in a variety of industries as a designer, illustrator and creative consultant, as well as musician and educator. His driving ideal is to uplift culture through creative relationships.

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