GRAPHIC ARTS Beautiful, clear visual communication to enhance any project. We have specialized in album design and identity for independent folk musicians and enjoy branching out from this arena to design print and web materials for any industry.
ILLUSTRATION Custom illustration work available in a variety of physical and digital media for application in children's, editorial, and fine art settings.
WEB PROGRAMMING Custom websites. Dynamic and interactive web environments. Coding in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
PHOTOSHOP ALTERATIONS Operating with eight years of experience on Adobe's powerful software, we often integrate photoshop work into our graphic projects. As a stand-alone service, we offer photo-retouching, and anything else, as far as your imagination goes.
CREATIVE THINKING We love to think about things differently. If you want a fresh spin on an idea you are working on, give it to us and we will generate a list of raw lateral thought to help open new horizons and give your own creativity some new footing. Anything from product concepts to baby names :)
SPECIALS Hire us for any of the following special services:
custom verbal languages
numerous applications for fictional world enhancement, personal/community use, linguistic experimentation
custom comics
stories, advertisements, portraits
custom children's books
tailored to inspire the unique child
applied poetics
poems applied to diverse needs
custom handcraft and media
Anything you can imagine. A custom flipbook? A new coat? An innovative boardgame? A Jurassic sound scheme for your mobile phone?

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